Cash Langley

2024 Sprinter from York Community HS


My name is Cash Langley, I go to York Community High School in Elmhurst IL and will graduate in 2024. This season I achieved times of 10.93 in the 100 as well as splitting 10.2 on the third leg of the 4×100 and 21.0 in the 4×200. I qualified for state in all three of these events and received a 6th place medal in the 4×100 and a 2nd place medal in the 4×200. Since this was my first full season of track, I’m looking to drop my 100 time to below 10.6 as well as my 200 time to below 22. I achieved a 1150 on my S.A.T and am looking to take the A.C.T later this year. I have taken 2 AP courses previously and am looking to take 1 more my senior year. 

As I said earlier, This past season was my first full season of track. I joined about halfway through our sophomore season and was able to achieve times of 11.32 in the 100 and 23.3 in the 200. Ever since I joined the team I’ve been in love with the sport. I instantly connected with my teammates and became really good friends with them over the course of the last season and a half. This summer I am in a track camp with my school where anyone from ages 13-18 can participate. Being one of the older members, I love helping the new kids out, whether that’s helping them block start, teaching them good form, or even reminding them to drink water throughout the day. I love seeing others improve, especially my teammates and friends.  I am looking forward to putting in the work this season and dropping my times to complete the goals I have set for myself. For more information, please email me at



5’7 / 140
100m: 10.93
200m: 22.8


2.4 GPA
Major: Business / Finance
NCAA ID: 2307964497 

Extracurricular Activities

Graduation Year

2024 Graduate from York Community HS in Elmhurst, IL



* 2.4 GPA
* AP Lang/Comp, JR

Resume / Honors & Accomplishments

* 2nd – IHSA State Meet (4x200m), JR
* 6th – IHSA State Meet (4x100m), JR
* 1st – Sectionals (100m, 10.93), JR
* 1st – Sectionals (4x100m + 4x200m), JR
* Varsity letterman
* Proviso Elite Track Club

Upcoming Schedule

For more information, please email me at