Noah Lewandowski

2024 Track & Field Athlete from Barrington HS


Hello, my name is Noah Lewandowski, and I am a member of the graduating class of 2024 from Barrington High School in Illinois. With impressive statistics and a strong athletic background, I believe I have what it takes to make a significant impact on your team. My goal this year is to achieve a 10.5-second time in the 100m and break the 22-second barrier in the 200m.

The reason I first joined track was to become better at football, but after my first season as a sophomore, I ended up falling in love with the sport and fully committed myself to it. This love for track has driven me to drop my 100m time from 12.84 to 11.03. Additionally, my relay split time of 50.85 seconds showcases my ability to contribute to the team’s success in the 4x400m relay. Beyond my athletic abilities, I am a dedicated and hardworking individual who constantly strives to improve and push myself to reach new heights, both on and off the track.

I also possess strong leadership skills, as I have served as a YMCA overnight summer camp counselor, where I take full care of children from various age groups and backgrounds. This experience has helped me develop my leadership abilities and taught me the importance of responsibility and adaptability.

I understand the significance of maintaining a balance between academics and athletics, and I am committed to excelling in both areas. I have taken three AP courses and five honors courses, demonstrating my academic dedication. Furthermore, I have been studying Chinese for 12 years, showcasing my commitment to learning and exploring different cultures. I believe my well-roundedness will positively contribute to any team or university community I become a part of.

I am determined to run at the collegiate level and succeed. I am willing to do everything necessary to reach my goals and I will not give up. For more information, please email me at 


6’0 / 145
100m: 11.03


3.25 GPA + 1190 SAT
Major: Business / Education
NCAA ID: 2308983277 

Extracurricular Activities

Work at YMCA Summer Camp

Graduation Year

2024 Graduate from Barrington HS in Barrington, IL



* 3.25 GPA + 1190 SAT
* AP Research, SR
* AP Microeconomics, SR
* Honors Advance Business Management, SR
* Financial Accounting Accelerated, SR
* AP Seminar, JR
* AP Chinese, JR
* AP Macro, JR
* Honors Pre-Calc, JR
* Honors 21st Century Issues, JR
* Honors Sociology, JR
* Honors Trig, SO
* Honors Chinese 4, SO

Resume / Honors & Accomplishments

* 19th – IHSA State Meet (100m, 11.23), JR
* IHSA State Qualifier (100m + 4x400m), JR
* 4th – Sectionals (100m, 11.03), JR
* Varsity letterman

Upcoming Schedule

For more information, please email me at